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Yasunidos write an open letter to president Lenin Moreno

on .

December 2017


Mister Lenin Moreno

President of the republic of Ecuador


With our regards,

Once the public consultation has been released and within this the question about the Yasuní, we are writing to you you in order to request a meeting to clarify the ways of applying this question.

As is public knowledge, YASunidos has presented before the Constitutional Court a proposal to clarify the question and an annex proposal that allows its implementation, but it has been without effect.

Extend the intangible area and decrease the area of exploitation:

In which places?

By which criteria?

With participation or closed door?

We recognize that open dialogue has been a central point on the agenda of your administration. This dialogue is essential to avoid making lamentable mistakes and should be immediate due to the oil operations that are being carried out in the area.

YASunidos has demonstrated its commitment to the Yasuní and the indigenous peoples who live in voluntary isolation, we have suffered harassments and furthermore gathered many more signatures than necessary for the call for a public consultation. We believe that a basic condition of reparation for the youth is to maintain the space for dialogue.

Our indigenous companions, who are marching to Quito right now, say that space for dialogue must also give results.In our case, these results have to benefit the peoples in voluntary isolation and protect the Yasuní.

Mister President, we demand the immediate suspension of all oil operations, until we know the results of this question, because deepening the oil exploitation in Tambococha these weeks, would seem like an autoboycott by the executive of its own public consultation.


Sincerely yours,